Display Advertising

Website Advertising

With the right message for your campaign, whether it is for branding, a sale, or any other call to action campaign, these ads will drive consumers to your “online store front” – your website. WPRI Media has the ability to target your intended audience by placing your ad throughout our websites (Run of Site) or we can target specific pages, for example, by placing an automobile ad to display only on our traffic page.

WPRI Media has the ability to track the number of potential customers who views your advertisement and how many “clicks” your ad has received. All of WPRI Media’s clients receive a monthly performance report outlining this information. Your click through rate (CTR) will tell you how many people clicked on your ad that was displayed on our websites. The average CTR for display ads 0.05%.

WPRI Media offers our clients an array of display advertising solutions. They range from standard static ads to expandable ads and can even include video in them!

Standard Display Advertising

Display advertising is a key element when planning to target your potential customers on-line.

  • 300×250
  • 728×90
  • 638×60
  • 300×600
  • 160×600

Rich Media Advertising

WPRI Media also offers a variety of Rich Media options ranging from the more traditional expandable and in-banner video display units to customized packages featuring wallpapers and more.

  • 728×90 Overlay Expansion
  • 300×250 Overlay Expansion
  • 300×250 Push Down Expansion
  • In-Banner Video (Available in 300×250, 300×600 and expandables)
  • Wallpaper Ad
  • Pencil Push-Down Ad
  • 300×600 Filmstrip
  • Wallpaper Ad
  • Billboard

Video Advertising

Online video advertising is increasing at a rapid pace. Be front and center of this growing audience with your message. WPRI Media offers a variety of video advertising options including:

  • Pre-Roll
  • Post-Roll