Search Engine Optimization



SEO is defined as placing the most commonly searched keywords pertaining to your type of business throughout your website so that your business will appear at the top of a Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines. These keywords continually change on a daily basis. When you invest in SEO, you are guaranteeing that your business will contain the latest keywords and be positioned at the top of the search results list. Being positioned at the top of the search engine will guarantee more traffic on your website and that guarantees that your website will remain in one of the top positions. When potential consumers are searching for your business or category on Google, Yahoo or Bing, wouldn’t you want to be one of the top businesses listed in the results?

SEO will increase the volume of business for any organization, large or small. Your website will be seen by hundreds (at the least!) of visitors today. It is worth your time to determine what they’re looking for and provide an answer to them. By researching what people are searching for and answering that search on your website, we are ensuring that your site will earn traffic.

Our SEO services will distinguish your web properties and get you greater visibility on major search engines.


Benefits of SEO:

  • Targeted traffic – visitors that WANT to engage with your company
  • Increase conversions – because they came looking for you they want to do business with you
  • Learn what visitors are interested in
  • Long tail – increases in organic traffic continues for months and years after our work is complete

SEO compliments other services

  • Symbiotic relationship between SEO & SEM, the sum is greater than the individual parts
  • Complementary offering with traditional media – if you’re spending on advertising, make sure you can be found in search engines
  • All of our SEO campaigns to date have at least doubled search traffic.
  • Leverage the power or organic search – 70% only click organic
  • Make your web assets valuable to your business
  • Improve quality and usability of your web assets
  • Continuing long-term results
  • SEO Process Activities:
    • Website Assessment
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Content Optimization
    • Link Building
    • Re-submission to search engines
  • Search alone produces an 82% lift in sales and 119% when search and display are combined.
  • CPG brand sales in retail stores have seen average lift of 22% when combining display with search

Google is a part of life today – we search for everything through search engines: news, movie show times, product reviews, directions, advice on how to fix the garbage disposal…we search for EVERYTHING. Latest estimates show that Google has 85 billion visits per day