Video Advertising

Online video advertising is increasing at a rapid pace.  Be front and center of this growing audience with your message.  WPRI Media offers a variety of video advertising options including: Pre-Roll Video, Post-Roll Video, Mid-Stream & Leave Behind Display Ads and the 3rd Column Video Player.


Video Pre-Roll (see a preview here)

  • Pre-roll video is the single most desired and highest performing online branded ad unit on the internet.
  • It outperforms display ads on most performance metrics.
  • It is user initiated and highly targetable.
  • Video pre-roll occurs before every video play.
  • Video pre-roll is 10-15 seconds.
  • One (1) Companion Ad Unit 300×250 runs simultaneously on the page with the pre-roll video.
  • This ad remains as long as the viewer is on the page.


Video Post-Roll(see a preview here)

  • Post-roll is a video advertisement that runs after a video story plays on the site.
  • Video post-roll is 10-15 seconds.


Mid-Stream & Leave Behind Display Ads (see a preview here)

  • The 320×40 mid-stream display ad appears while a video story plays on the site 10 seconds after the start of video buffering.
  • This ad unit retracts automatically after 15 seconds unless the user interacts with it prior to that time.
  • If user clicks on the mid-stream display ad, they will go to the click through destination defined by the client.
  • The mid-stream must be paired with a 50×25 leave-behind display ad which displays once the in-stream unit is closed.
  • If user clicks the leave-behind display ad, the mid-stream display ad reappears.