Credit Card Payment

Make A Payment

When making a payment towards and invoice or as a pre-pay you will need to visit

The credit card portal website will appear.

Fill in all required fields on the main page:

  • Check whether it is cash in advance or not
  • List the invoice number or the order number/flight dates (if cash in advance is checked)
  • Select the advertising station ( WPRI, WNAC or ENAC) that correlates with the invoice/order number
  • List the amount to be paid
  • Click “Next”

Once you have clicked “Next” it will take you to a confirmation page to make sure all the information entered is correct. If correct, click “Next” again.

From there enter all credit card information. If you want a receipt you must provide an e-mail address on the credit card information screen.

Once the credit card information is entered click on “Pay Now”. The card will then be charged the amount provided and a receipt will be sent to you via the e-mail address provided.