State of Mind with Dan Yorke

Dan Yorke’s State of Mind

What is State of Mind:

  • Daily Current Affairs Show on MYRI-TV
  • National network news format with Local News
  • Opinions and thoughts on topics effecting Rhode Island
  • Interactive experience for viewers

Who is our target audience:

  • White Collar Professionals with 75K+ Income
  • Families with 1-2 children in the home who care about the community
  • College Graduates
  • Anyone with an interest in how the state of Rhode Island works!

Dan Yorke biography:

  • 30 Years experience in Talk Radio
  • 14 Years on WPRO as the Show of Record on the Station of Record
  • Longest Running talk show in RI radio history
  • Top 100 Rank in Talkers Magazine Heavy 100 for 14 years in a row